3D3N in Taipei

Our team trip to Taipei in April and this year, hubz joined me 😃

First night was dinner with the team. More than 250 of us had dinner at a local buffet restaurant – Hi-Lai Harbour Tianmu. This year’s was not that good as the time spent in travelling from hotel to the restaurant including a 45-minute traffic congestion, in seven coaches, was not worthwhile.

Meanwhile, hubz explored the area nearby and had his favourite beef noodle.

Besides the team dinner on first night, it was a free and easy 3D3N. Every morning after meeting some colleagues for breakfast, we would set out separately.

Visited a few cafés, did a bit of shopping and indulged in some street food at Ximending.

Had early dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Uni-UStyle – Hataka Tempura Yamani (博多天麩羅 山海).

Chose this Japanese restaurant because it was just 5-minute walk to a brewery where we wanted to have some post-dinner beers. We had their Dark Lager (which uses Bavarian chocolate malt from Germany containing caramel and chocolate flavors) during our last trip in Nov 2016 and so missed it. And it was cheap too – SGD5.20 a pint during their HH which was a 1-for-1 promotion!

The night did not just end there. Were being “summoned” to gather after we were back at hotel. So after freshening up, we met the ladies at the hotel’s lounge for some back-to-school card games 😄

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