Our 5D4N Home in Perth

There was only the 4 of us but not that easy to find a suitable place to stay.

– Sis does not want to share room with mom who snores.
– I want a walk-in shower; I do not need a bathtub. It was due to a bad experience more than 15 years ago during one of my work trips in France, I slipped while trying to get out of the bathtub after a shower. I did save myself from falling by desperately grasping some poles/door frame to stabilize but in the process, sprained my back. So NO showers in bathtub for me.
– Since I have had such bad experience before, I would want mom and sis to avoid such accidents too, especially for the 80-year old.
Many 3 bedroom houses/apartments that I found came with only 1 to 1.5 bathroom or one of the bathrooms with shower in bathtub. To find one with 2 walk-in showers, well.. it was quite a challenge.

So with the above requirements (plus the other usual ones like parking in premise, etc), we finally chose this house which is too huge for the 4 of us 😅

There was also a laundry room, a big, clean garage (opposite of the one we had in Sydney) and the third toilet (without shower facility) on ground floor.

A nice and big house indeed.

Cafés in Perth

Bar Botanik
North Perth

Zamia Cafe
Kings Park

One of our favourite cafés in Perth


Peninsula Tea Gardens

Till now this is still my favourite afternoon tea venue. Love the tranquility while enjoying those sweets, paired with the sparkling.
This time round was much better than the last 2 visits as there were no crows trying to befriend us and no rain.
It just felt so relaxed to be enjoying the Swan River view and basking in the late afternoon sun at about 10°C.

Gordon Street Garage
West Perth

The Tenth State

Bread in Common

Hush Specialty Coffee

Her 80th birthday present – II

Day 3

Homestead Brewery

Baudin’s Macadamia

Had a therapeutic walk at the Swan River in Maylands before our afternoon tea.

Day 4

After breakfast, we went for coffee and shopped for a couple of hours at Watertown Brand Outlet.

Dinner was with Sis’ friends and their family.

Day 5

We had to check out at 10am. Too wasteful to throw away the leftover food (like bacon & bread) as it was not nice to leave them to the host.

Next stop was Fremantle, it was only a 10-minute drive.

Her 80th birthday present – I

Asked mom if she wanted a banquet for her 80th birthday or a family holiday, without any hesitation she chose the latter.

For the both of us, we prefer to take red eye flights as we would have a full day upon arrival. But with an 80 year-old, we chose a morning flight and reached Perth at about 1pm.

We did not do much during the 5D4N. Just walking around a bit, visited some cafés and a bit shopping… mainly some elderly-friendly activities.

It was past 2pm by the time we collected our car, so went for late lunch first before checking in.

After settling in at the house, we made a trip to the nearby supermarket to get our next 5 days’ supplies.

Had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants (because of its beers), Little Creatures Brewing and ended the night earlier.

Had a minor accident that night when Sis was boiling drinking water for all of us. She scalded her foot when pouring the boiling water as the kettle was not closed properly.

For those few moments, we wished we did not stay in a big house as we had to run up and down to get first aids items (initially we did not know her scalds were quite serious).

Day 2

We made a doctor appointment for Sis to treat her wounds after breakfast. I found a clinic that was near the next destination. I wanted to visit a curated grocer.

Sis was tough, she walked as normal for the next 5 days. Glad that our activities were very lax, suited the senior citizen and the injured lady well.

The Shorehouse

We were not hungry so ordered small dishes and sides to share instead.

Lake Monger

Had afternoon coffee after Lake Monger and paid a short visit to Sis’ friends & family who migrated to Perth more than 10 years ago.