Our 5D4N Home in Perth

There was only the 4 of us but not that easy to find a suitable place to stay.

– Sis does not want to share room with mom who snores.
– I want a walk-in shower; I do not need a bathtub. It was due to a bad experience more than 15 years ago during one of my work trips in France, I slipped while trying to get out of the bathtub after a shower. I did save myself from falling by desperately grasping some poles/door frame to stabilize but in the process, sprained my back. So NO showers in bathtub for me.
– Since I have had such bad experience before, I would want mom and sis to avoid such accidents too, especially for the 80-year old.
Many 3 bedroom houses/apartments that I found came with only 1 to 1.5 bathroom or one of the bathrooms with shower in bathtub. To find one with 2 walk-in showers, well.. it was quite a challenge.

So with the above requirements (plus the other usual ones like parking in premise, etc), we finally chose this house which is too huge for the 4 of us 😅

There was also a laundry room, a big, clean garage (opposite of the one we had in Sydney) and the third toilet (without shower facility) on ground floor.

A nice and big house indeed.

1 BBQ & 6 Thai meals

During our stay at the villa, we did not need to step out at all. All meals were prepared by our chef. Upon check-in, we provided a cash float to our villa manager to purchase all ingredients, based on what food we wanted to have. Food provision was charged at grocery costs (receipts presented) plus 20% handling fee.

So we enjoyed 3 days of homecooked yet of restaurant standard meals.

We could also order in-villa massage but it was a pity that they did not have massage bed (it was only available in their 5-bedroom villa), so we decided to give it a miss.


Woke up by the yummy cooking aroma that floated from the open kitchen all the way up to our bedroom.

It felt so good to know that breakfast was waiting for us once we stepped out of the room. Sometimes we just needed such holiday ~ do not need to travel out, do not need to cook, do not need to clean & wash up… Whatever we wanted to have, we just needed to tell our villa manager and it would appear in our next meal.




After feasting for 2 days, we asked for a lighter lunch but we still got a 5-course 😅

Family Holiday!

A short 3D2N family trip to Phuket. Checked into this awesome, 600 sqm. villa – Malaiwana Duplex.

A total of 4 bedrooms – master suite 1 & 2, bedrooms 1 & 2. But there were only 6 of us (quoted and paid based on 6 occupants) yet they were being very nice to open up the 4th bedroom for us, though we did not make use of it.

3D2N stay was a bit short for us, 4 days would be just nice. Anything more than that would not be ideal too as we would definitely grow fat!

Getaway for 2018 Birthdays

Both of us are March babies and we wanted to go for a getaway to celebrate our birthdays. We decided on Montigo and it would be our second visit.

Enjoying the sun, pool & sea view

We had a nice time walking around and exploring the resort. It was much developed compared to our first visit in 2013 when it was only a few months after they opened.

Hubz arranged a birthday surprise for me as my birthday was on the second day of our stay.

Pampered myself with a nice body scrub & massage treatment on my birthday.

It was indeed a very wonderful short holiday 💕