Accommodation in Sydney

Our 7D6N temporary home in Sydney.

Frankly, it was kind of below our expectation. I say kind of because generally it was decent, well equipped and considerably centrally located. But the apartment was not very well maintained (some broken cabinet doors, a bit dusty in some areas, peeling outdoor countertop…).

A nice gesture from the apartment host

The garage was too small for our car!

The steep path we needed to climb from car park to the lift.

It was especially a challenge when we had to squeeze through the narrow gap next to the barricade while lugging our 3 pieces of luggage.

This was only half of the journey up.

The second part of the climbing before taking a suspended walkway, where the common laundry room and power room were, in order to get to the lift.

Short stay in Prague (Nov 2017)

Chose a centralised location so we could move (walk) around more easily. Built in 1920s, the building facade & its lobby did look very weathered and dim.
But let us choose again, think we would still stick to this apartment due to its strategic location (in the middle of down town Prague & we walked to Charles Bridge every day!).

Glad that the apartment was decent. A couple of items malfunctioned (the toilet bowl seat cover & the coffee table) but we could still live with it.