Year end Trip (2018) – HK hotel

We stayed at Madera Hollywood in Central which is an all-suite hotel with only 38 units in total.

Given its excellent location, this room size is actually a luxury. The only drawback would be the tiny hotel lobby, it is about two-third of our living room size.

But the 4-day comfort & convenience we enjoyed had exceedingly made up for its small lobby.

Year end (2018) Trip – HK

This time round we stayed in Hong Kong Island (used to stay in Kowloon for all our past trips). We like the very centralised location and 3 of the cafes we went to were within walking distance.

Visited our “friend” in Hong Kong. He and his family members are just so adorable!

Our favourite place for hotpot – Giant Seafood Hot Pot (Jordan).

Dim sum brunch at One Dim Sum. Queued for almost an hour but worth it. Cheap and yummy (total bill was only SGD26 including chinese tea).

Year end (2018) Trip – HK – cafés

We were thinking of another short trip as my office would be closed for Christmas – New Year holidays.

Wanted some cooler weather and not too far from us, it would have to be Hong Kong. Since our last visit was in March 2016, we did not mind going there again.

As we had our annual family Christmas party on Christmas Day, we took the red eye flight and arrived in HK at 5am!

We would visit HK every 2-3 years to satiate our cravings for HK local food. But this time round, we did it a little differently. Slotted in a few cafe trips instead of the usual local food trail whenever we were there.

Halfway Coffee

Tiffin, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Festive afternoon tea

Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Academics Causeway Bay (Flagship)

Common Ground