Lunch Alone

Hubz working today but I just feel like having a nice DIY lunch all by myself.

We Are 14!

Celebrated our 14th anniversary last weekend.

We would usually go for a holiday as a gift to ourselves. But due to his work schedule, our trip would be early December instead. So we had a comparatively much smaller celebration over the weekend. I am not complaining since it would mean we are having a winter holiday!

Last year we did not go for an anniversary holiday as well because it was too close to our family trip though it was a short (I do not have enough days of annual leave!!).

On Sat, we went for afternoon tea at our favourite hotel. Ever since our first visit in 2009 (a dinner on our 4th anniversary) even before it was officially opened, this hotel topped our list of places for celebrations.

Dim Sum Afternoon Tea
Capella Singapore

Dessert Time

Stayed for another 30 minutes after our meal, chatting while sipping the hotel’s handcrafted chinese tea (needed more tea to help us digest).

A very relaxing afternoon tea indeed. Delicious dim sum served by very attentive staff. Anyway, Capella’s service has always been superb. Whenever we needed anything, we would be attended to within a couple of seconds. And our teapots were constantly filled throughout the 2-hour afternoon tea (we drank a lot of tea by the way

After leaving Cassia, we still felt bloated so took a stroll around the hotel.

I craved for some sparkling and some rosé so hubz bought a rosé champagne to pop that night.

The next morning hubz surprised me with a bouquet which was delivered to the café we having brunch at – Wildseed Café & Bar.

A fabulous weekend of celebrations indeed.

Our 5D4N Home in Perth

There was only the 4 of us but not that easy to find a suitable place to stay.

– Sis does not want to share room with mom who snores.
– I want a walk-in shower; I do not need a bathtub. It was due to a bad experience more than 15 years ago during one of my work trips in France, I slipped while trying to get out of the bathtub after a shower. I did save myself from falling by desperately grasping some poles/door frame to stabilize but in the process, sprained my back. So NO showers in bathtub for me.
– Since I have had such bad experience before, I would want mom and sis to avoid such accidents too, especially for the 80-year old.
Many 3 bedroom houses/apartments that I found came with only 1 to 1.5 bathroom or one of the bathrooms with shower in bathtub. To find one with 2 walk-in showers, well.. it was quite a challenge.

So with the above requirements (plus the other usual ones like parking in premise, etc), we finally chose this house which is too huge for the 4 of us 😅

There was also a laundry room, a big, clean garage (opposite of the one we had in Sydney) and the third toilet (without shower facility) on ground floor.

A nice and big house indeed.