CB Flowers

Have always been into plants and flowers. Besides the regular visits to nursery for plants shopping, I would buy fresh cut flowers every other week as I like our home to be decorated with plants & flowers and filled with floral scents.

So going through circuit breaker period would mean no flowers for at least a couple of months. So at the start of CB, in early April, made an online order of 2 floral arrangements and was very happy with what were delivered.

Was addicted to having a variety of lovely flowers around the house, so ordered some items to DIY a few more arrangements.

Sparkling Brunches

Enjoying a long brunch on Saturday over some bubbly has become something we looked forward to after a week’s work at home.

Thanks 2019!

December has been a truly great month for us, with a super fabulous holiday for the first part and lots of family bonding for the second half.

We were completely busy for the last 2 over weeks. Only started our yearly Christmas preparations when we returned, meaning we were only left with 10 days to settle decorations, buying the remaining gifts plus wrapping, planning Christmas menus and getting ready for the Christmas parties.

Also bought some pine branches to make our own Christmas wreath. It has been a “tradition” for me since a couple of years ago.

Also took the chance to catch up with a cousin during my office Christmas-New Year closure.

Well, year 2019 ends very well for us and I know 2020 will even be a better one!