Stockholm Stockholm!

Stockholm (or Sweden) was never my top 10 places for holiday, in fact it did not cross our minds at all whenever we discussed about the next holiday destination.

However, cheap airfare brought us there in end 2017 (S$820 by Singapore Airlines.. this should be the best deal that we could ever get in our lifetime😄). And now we have fallen in love with this beautiful city.

During our short stay of 5 days, we met happy people everywhere – the barista in a café, the cashier in the supermarket, the bus captain, etc… And of course the very helpful hotel staff who saved my day – one morning I left my newly bought mobile phone of the latest model in the hotel’s toilet after breakfast and only realised it about 15 minutes later. As expected, the phone was gone when I ran back to search for it. Sought help from the hotel front desk though we were not hopeful. The easy access to my phone (no security lock set) would make it all too tempting for the finder to possess it. After an agonising 10-minute wait at the front desk (they were serving other guests) and some checks, they brought good news to us… my phone unbelievably came back to me! Apparently a kind soul picked my phone in the toilet and reported Lost&Found at the front desk. We were so thankful! 🙏